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We’re so excited for you to join us!

Heading to camp for the first time can be scary!
That’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions and make sure that you’re ready for your (or your child’s) first camp experience.

Dates & Rates

Kids Camp Date: July 22 – 26

Adults Camp Date: July 29 – Aug 2

Overnight Camp Fee Information

Coastal Roots Camp is committed to maintaining accessibility, including financial accessibility, for our campers.

Realizing that different families have different abilities to pay, Coastal Roots Camp has developed tier payment program. This sliding scale operates on an “honour system” and has been developed to ensure that camp remains accessible and affordable to all campers; it allows us to offer lower fees for those in need, while reflecting the true cost of camp.

This program does not influence the experience campers receive, yet it offers families an opportunity to take an active role in supporting the true cost of camp.

The following chart details which payment plan you are eligible for based on your family income, the program operates on an honour system, and all chosen levels are confidential.

Tier 1

Based on the full cost of campers participating in Coastal Roots Camp. This rate reflects the actual cost of sending a camper to our program.

Tier 2

This is our partially – subsidized rate that will help families who can’t afford the full cost of the camp program. This rate does not cover administrative expenses and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Tier 3

Our more heavily subsidized rate for families who need further assistance to send campers to camp. This rate does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Camp Fee
Tier 1
True cost of camp
Tier 2
33% Subsidy
Tier 3
66% Subsidy



Additionally, if Tier 3 remains a barrier for your family to participate, we encourage you to contact the camp director for information on sponsorship opportunities.

Sibling Discount

If you are sending more than one child from a family, you are eligible for a 10% discount on each registration after the first child.
This option is only avaliable for Tier 1 pricing.

Bring a Friend Discount

You may receive a $25.00 rebate for encouraging others to attend camp.
This option is available for both Tier 1 & 2.

For each camper you “recruit”, who successfully registers & attends camp, you will receive a $25.00 rebate at the end of camp.
You could invite your child’s entire class and essentially receive free tuition!
It’s as simple as spreading the news about a great new camp you’ve discovered.

Host a “Camp Info” Event in your home

This is a great way to take advantage of the “bring a friend discount”, simply invite 8-10 families for coffee and a snack, to allow our camp director to do a brief presentation and answer questions, any families that sign up on the spot will earn you a $30.00 rebate at the end of the camp season.
AND as a thank you for hosting, you will be entered into a draw for free tuition for either this calendar year, or the following one.

Please contact our camp director for more information or to book a “Camp Info” Event.